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OR 80° Shore FPM

O-ring 80SH FKM (FPM)

Temp. max.
200 °C
Temp. min.
-20 °C
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OR2-1.5V OR2.57-1.78V OR2.9-1.78V OR3-1V OR3-1.5V OR3-2V OR3.3-2.4V OR3.5-1.5V OR3.5-2V OR3.68-1.78V OR4-1V OR4-1.5V OR4-2V OR4-2.5V OR4.2-1.9V OR4.3-2.4V OR4.47-1.78V OR4.5-1.5V OR4.76-1.78V OR5-1V OR5-1.5V OR5-1.6V OR5-2V OR5-2.5V OR5-3V OR5.23-2.62V OR5.28-1.78V OR5.3-2.4V OR5.5-1.5V OR6-1V OR6-1.5V OR6-2V OR6-2.5V OR6-3V OR6.02-2.62V OR6.07-1.78V OR6.2-1V OR6.3-2.4V OR6.4-1.9V OR6.5-1.5V OR6.5-2V OR6.75-1.78V OR7-1.5V OR7-2V OR7-2.5V OR7-3V OR7.1-1.6V OR7.2-1.9V OR7.3-2.4V OR7.5-1.5V OR7.5-2V OR7.59-2.62V OR7.65-1.78V OR7.94-1.78V OR8-1V OR8-1.5V OR8-1.8V OR8-1.9V OR8-2V OR8-2.5V OR8-3V OR8-4V OR8.3-2.4V OR8.5-1.5V OR8.73-1.78V OR9-1V OR9-1.5V OR9-1.8V OR9-2V OR9-2.5V OR9-3V OR9-6V OR9.12-3.53V OR9.19-2.62V OR9.25-1.78V OR9.3-2.4V OR9.5-1.5V OR9.5-2V OR9.52-1.78V OR10-1V OR10-1.5V OR10-2V OR10-2.5V OR10-3V OR10-4V OR10.3-2.4V OR10.5-1.5V OR10.5-2.7V OR10.69-3.53V OR10.77-2.62V OR10.82-1.78V OR11-1.5V OR11-2V OR11-2.5V OR11-3V OR11.2-1.8V OR11.3-2.4V OR12-1V OR12-1.5V OR12-1.7V OR12-2V OR12-2.5V OR12-3V OR12-4V OR12-5V OR12.1-1.6V OR12.1-2.7V OR12.29-3.53V OR12.3-2.4V OR12.37-2.62V OR12.42-1.78V OR13-1V OR13-1.5V OR13-2V OR13-2.5V OR13-3V OR13.1-1.6V OR13.1-2.62V OR13.3-2.4V OR13.46-2.08V OR13.5-1.5V OR13.5-2.5V OR13.94-2.62V OR14-1V OR14-1.5V OR14-1.78V OR14-2V OR14-2.5V OR14-3V OR14-5V OR14.1-1.6V OR14.3-2.4V OR14.5-3V OR15-1.5V OR15-2V OR15-2.5V OR15-3V OR15-4V OR15-5V OR15-6V OR15.08-2.62V OR15.1-1.6V OR15.1-2.7V OR15.3-2.4V OR15.47-3.53V OR15.54-2.62V OR15.6-1.78V OR15.88-2.62V OR16-1.5V OR16-2V OR16-2.5V OR16-3V OR16-4V OR16.3-2.4V OR16.9-2.7V OR17-1.5V OR17-2V OR17-2.5V OR17-3V OR17.12-2.62V OR17.13-2.62V OR17.16-1.78V OR17.17-1.78V OR17.3-2.4V OR18-2V OR18-2.2V OR18-2.5V OR18-3V OR18-3.5V OR18-4V OR18-5V OR18.3-3.6V OR18.4-2.7V OR18.64-3.53V OR18.72-2.62V OR18.77-1.78V OR19-1.5V OR19-2V OR19-2.5V OR19-3V OR19-4V OR19.2-3V OR19.3-2.4V OR19.5-3V OR19.6-2.4V OR19.8-3.6V OR20-1.5V OR20-2V OR20-2.5V OR20-3V OR20-3.5V OR20-4V OR20-5V OR20.22-3.53V OR20.29-2.62V OR20.3-2.4V OR20.3-2.62V OR20.35-1.78V OR20.39-1.78V OR20.5-2V OR20.5-2.4V OR21-2V OR21-3V OR21.5-2.4V OR21.82-3.53V OR21.89-2.62V OR21.95-1.78V OR22-1.5V OR22-2V OR22-2.5V OR22-2.62V OR22-3V OR22-3.5V OR22-4V OR22-5V OR22.2-3V OR22.3-2.4V OR23-2V OR23-2.5V OR23-3V OR23-4V OR23.3-2.4V OR23.39-3.53V OR23.4-3.53V OR23.47-2.62V OR23.47-2.95V OR23.5-3V OR23.52-1.78V OR23.53-1.78V OR24-1.5V OR24-2V OR24-2.5V OR24-3V OR24-4V OR24-5V OR24.2-3V OR24.5-1.5V OR24.6-3.6V OR24.99-3.53V OR25-2V OR25-2.4V OR25-2.5V OR25-3V OR25-3.5V OR25-4V OR25-5V OR25.04-2.95V OR25.07-2.62V OR25.12-1.78V OR25.3-2.4V OR25.8-3.53V OR26-2V OR26-2.5V OR26-3V OR26-5V OR26.5-3.55V OR26.57-3.53V OR26.59-2.95V OR26.64-2.62V OR26.7-1.78V OR27-1.5V OR27-2V OR27-2.5V OR27-3V OR27-3.2V OR27-3.5V OR27-4V OR27-5V OR27.3-2.4V OR27.8-3.6V OR28-1.5V OR28-2V OR28-2.5V OR28-3V OR28-3.5V OR28-4V OR28-5V OR28.17-3.53V OR28.25-2.62V OR28.3-1.78V OR29-2V OR29-3V OR29-3.5V OR29.1-2.55V OR29.51-5.34V OR29.75-3.53V OR29.82-2.62V OR29.87-1.78V OR30-1V OR30-1.5V OR30-2V OR30-2.5V OR30-3V OR30-3.5V OR30-4V OR30-5V OR30-6V OR30.2-3V OR31-2V OR31-3V OR31.12-5.34V OR31.34-3.53V OR31.42-2.62V OR31.47-1.78V OR31.5-3V OR32-1.5V OR32-2V OR32-2.5V OR32-3V OR32-3.5V OR32-4V OR32.2-3V OR32.92-3.53V OR32.99-2.62V OR33-2V OR33-2.62V OR33-3.5V OR33.05-1.78V OR33.3-2.4V OR34-1.5V OR34-2V OR34-2.5V OR34-3V OR34-4V OR34-5V OR34.2-3V OR34.29-5.34V OR34.52-3.53V OR34.59-2.62V OR34.65-1.78V OR35-1V OR35-2V OR35-2.5V OR35-3V OR35-4V OR35-5V OR35-6V OR35.2-3V OR35.6-3.6V OR36-2V OR36-2.5V OR36-3V OR36-3.5V OR36-5V OR36.09-3.53V OR36.17-2.62V OR36.2-3V OR36.27-1.78V OR37-2V OR37-2.5V OR37-3V OR37-4V OR37.47-5.33V OR37.47-5.34V OR37.69-3.53V OR37.77-2.62V OR37.82-1.78V OR38-2V OR38-2.5V OR38-3V OR38-4V OR39-2V OR39-3.5V OR39-4V OR39.2-3V OR39.2-5.7V OR39.34-2.62V OR39.7-3.53V OR40-2V OR40-2.5V OR40-3V OR40-3.5V OR40-4V OR40-5V OR40.64-5.34V OR40.65-5.33V OR40.87-3.53V OR40.94-2.62V OR40.95-2.62V OR41-1.78V OR41.28-3.53V OR42-2V OR42-2.5V OR42-3V OR42-4V OR42-5V OR42.52-2.62V OR42.86-3.53V OR43-2V OR43-3V OR43.5-3V OR43.82-5.33V OR43.82-5.34V OR44-2V OR44-3V OR44-4V OR44.04-3.53V OR44.12-2.62V OR44.17-1.78V OR44.3-5.7V OR44.45-3.53V OR45-1.5V OR45-2V OR45-2.5V OR45-3V OR45-4V OR45-5V OR45.69-2.62V OR46-2V OR46-3V OR46.04-3.53V OR46.99-5.34V OR47-2V OR47-2.5V OR47-3V OR47-4V OR47-5V OR47.22-3.53V OR47.29-2.62V OR47.35-1.78V OR47.62-3.53V OR47.63-3.53V OR48-2V OR48-3V OR48-3.5V OR48-4V OR48-5V OR48.9-2.62V OR49-3V OR49.2-3.53V OR49.2-5.7V OR49.21-3.53V OR49.3-5.7V OR49.5-3V OR50-2V OR50-2.5V OR50-3V OR50-4V OR50-5V OR50-6V OR50.16-5.33V OR50.17-5.34V OR50.39-3.53V OR50.4-3.53V OR50.47-2.62V OR50.52-1.78V OR50.8-3.53V OR51-2V OR52-1.5V OR52-2.5V OR52-3V OR52-3.5V OR52-4V OR52-5V OR52.07-2.62V OR52.4-3.53V OR53-2V OR53-3V OR53-4V OR53-5V OR53.09-3V OR53.34-5.34V OR53.57-3.53V OR53.64-2.62V OR53.7-1.78V OR53.97-3.53V OR54-2V OR54-2.5V OR54-3V OR54-4V OR54.2-5.7V OR54.3-5.7V OR55-2V OR55-2.5V OR55-3V OR55-3.5V OR55-4V OR55-5V OR55-6V OR55.25-2.62V OR55.56-3.53V OR56-2V OR56-2.5V OR56-3V OR56-4V OR56.52-5.33V OR56.52-5.34V OR56.74-3.53V OR56.82-2.62V OR56.87-1.78V OR57-3V OR57-4V OR57.15-3.53V OR58-2V OR58-2.5V OR58-3V OR58-3.5V OR58.42-2.62V OR58.74-3.53V OR59.2-5.7V OR59.3-5.7V OR59.5-3V OR59.69-5.34V OR59.92-3.53V OR59.99-2.62V OR60-2V OR60-2.5V OR60-3V OR60-4V OR60-5V OR60.05-1.78V OR60.32-3.53V OR61-3V OR61.6-2.62V OR61.9-3.53V OR62-2V OR62-3V OR62-4V OR62-5V OR62.2-5.7V OR62.87-5.34V OR63-3V OR63-4V OR63-5V OR63-6V OR63.09-3.53V OR63.17-2.62V OR63.22-1.78V OR63.5-3.53V OR64-3V OR64.3-5.7V OR64.5-3V OR64.77-2.62V OR65-1.5V OR65-2V OR65-2.5V OR65-3V OR65-3.5V OR65-4V OR65-5V OR65-6V OR65.1-3.53V OR66-3V OR66-6V OR66.04-5.34V OR66.27-3.53V OR66.34-2.62V OR66.4-1.78V OR66.67-3.53V OR67.95-2.62V OR68-2V OR68-3V OR68-4V OR68-5V OR68.26-3.53V OR69.22-5.34V OR69.3-5.7V OR69.44-3.53V OR69.52-2.62V OR69.57-1.78V OR69.85-3.53V OR70-2V OR70-2.5V OR70-3V OR70-3.5V OR70-4V OR70-5V OR70-6V OR71.12-2.62V OR71.44-3.53V OR72-2V OR72-2.5V OR72-3V OR72-4V OR72-5V OR72.39-5.34V OR72.62-3.53V OR72.69-2.62V OR72.75-1.78V OR73-3.5V OR73-5V OR73-7V OR73.02-3.53V OR74-1.5V OR74-2V OR74-3V OR74-4V OR74-5V OR74.3-5.7V OR74.6-3.53V OR74.63-5.34V OR75-2V OR75-2.5V OR75-3V OR75-4V OR75-5V OR75-6V OR75.57-5.34V OR75.79-3.53V OR75.87-2.62V OR75.92-1.78V OR76-2V OR76-2.5V OR76-3V OR78-2V OR78-3V OR78-4V OR78.74-5.33V OR78.74-5.34V OR78.97-3.53V OR79-3V OR79-7V OR79.2-5.7V OR79.3-5.7V OR79.5-3V OR79.73-5.34V OR80-3V OR80-3.5V OR80-4V OR80-5V OR81-4V OR81.92-5.34V OR82-2.5V OR82-3V OR82-4V OR82.14-3.53V OR82.22-2.62V OR84-3V OR84-4V OR84-5V OR84.3-5.7V OR84.5-3V OR85-2V OR85-2.5V OR85-3V OR85-3.5V OR85-4V OR85-5V OR85-6V OR85.09-5.33V OR85.09-5.34V OR85.32-3.53V OR86-4V OR87-5V OR88-4V OR88-5V OR88-6V OR88.27-5.34V OR88.49-3.53V OR88.57-2.62V OR88.62-1.78V OR89-4V OR89.2-5.7V OR89.3-5.7V OR89.5-3V OR89.69-5.34V OR90-2V OR90-2.5V OR90-3V OR90-4V OR90-5V OR90-7V OR91.44-5.34V OR91.67-3.53V OR92-3V OR92-4V OR93-5V OR94-2.5V OR94.3-5.7V OR94.5-3V OR94.62-5.34V OR94.84-3.53V OR94.92-2.62V OR94.97-1.78V OR95-3V OR97-3V OR97.79-5.34V OR98-3V OR98.02-3.53V OR99.3-5.7V OR100-3V OR100-3.5V OR100-4V OR100-5V OR100-5.34V OR100-7V OR100.97-5.34V OR101.19-3.53V OR102-4V OR103-4V OR104-3V OR104.14-5.34V OR104.3-5.7V OR104.37-3.53V OR105-3.5V OR105-5V OR106-3.5V OR106-5V OR107-2.5V OR107.32-5.34V OR107.54-3.53V OR107.62-2.62V OR109.3-5.7V OR109.54-5.34V OR110-5V OR110.49-5.34V OR110.72-3.53V OR112-3V OR113-3V OR113.67-5.34V OR113.67-7V OR113.89-3.53V OR113.97-2.62V OR114-1.78V OR114-3V OR114.3-5.7V OR114.5-3V OR115-2V OR115-3V OR115-5V OR116-5V OR116.84-5.34V OR116.84-7V OR117.07-3.53V OR117.48-5.34V OR119-3V OR119-3.5V OR119.3-5.7V OR119.5-3V OR120-3V OR120-3.5V OR120-4V OR120-5V OR120.02-5.34V OR120.02-7V OR120.24-3.53V OR120.32-2.62V OR120.65-5.34V OR123.19-5.34V OR123.19-7V OR123.42-3.53V OR123.44-1.78V OR123.83-5.34V OR124.3-5.7V OR125-2.5V OR125-3V OR125-5V OR126.37-5.34V OR126.37-7V OR126.59-3.53V OR126.67-2.62V OR127-5.34V OR128-2.5V OR128-3V OR129.3-5.7V OR129.54-5.34V OR129.54-7V OR129.77-3.53V OR130.18-5.34V OR132-3V OR132-4V OR132.72-7V OR132.79-5.34V OR132.94-3.53V OR133.35-5.34V OR134.3-5.7V OR134.5-3V OR135-3V OR135-4V OR135.89-5.34V OR135.89-7V OR136.12-3.53V OR136.53-5.34V OR137-3V OR139.07-5.34V OR139.07-7V OR139.29-3.53V OR139.3-5.7V OR139.5-3V OR140-3V OR140-4V OR142.24-5.34V OR142.24-7V OR142.47-3.53V OR142.88-5.34V OR144.3-5.7V OR145.42-5.34V OR145.42-7V OR145.64-3.53V OR146.05-5.34V OR148-5V OR148.59-5.34V OR148.59-7V OR148.82-3.53V OR149.23-5.34V OR149.3-5.7V OR150-3V OR150-4V OR150-5V OR150-6V OR151.77-5.34V OR151.77-7V OR151.99-3.53V OR154.3-5.7V OR155-3V OR155-5V OR155-5.34V OR156-4V OR158.12-5.34V OR158.12-7V OR158.34-3.53V OR159.3-5.7V OR160-3V OR160-4V OR160-5V OR160-7V OR161.3-5.34V OR161.9-7V OR162-5V OR164-3V OR164-4V OR164.3-5.7V OR164.47-5.34V OR164.47-7V OR164.69-3.53V OR165-4V OR165-6V OR167.7-5.34V OR168-5V OR169.3-5.7V OR170-3.55V OR170-5V OR170.82-5.34V OR170.82-7V OR171.04-3.53V OR172-4V OR174-5.34V OR174.3-5.7V OR177.17-5.34V OR177.17-7V OR177.39-3.53V OR179.3-5.7V OR180-3V OR180-4V OR183.52-5.34V OR183.52-7V OR183.74-3.53V OR183.82-2.62V OR184.3-5.7V OR185-3V OR189.3-5.7V OR189.87-5.34V OR189.87-7V OR190.09-3.53V OR194.3-5.7V OR195-4V OR196-4V OR196.22-5.34V OR196.22-7V OR196.44-3.53V OR199.3-5.7V OR200-3V OR202.57-5.34V OR202.57-7V OR202.79-3.53V OR205-4V OR208.92-5.34V OR208.92-7V OR209.14-3.53V OR209.3-5.7V OR210-5V OR210-6V OR215-3V OR215.27-5.34V OR215.27-7V OR215.49-3.53V OR219.3-5.7V OR221.62-5.34V OR221.84-3.53V OR227.97-5.34V OR227.97-7V OR228.19-3.53V OR230-3V OR234.32-5.34V OR234.54-3.53V OR238-3V OR240-3V OR240-4V OR240-5V OR240.67-5.34V OR240.67-7V OR240.89-3.53V OR243-4V OR243-5V OR245-5V OR247-3.5V OR247-7V OR247.02-5.34V OR247.26-3.53V OR250-4V OR253.37-5.34V OR253.37-7V OR253.59-3.53V OR255-4V OR255-5V OR260-3V OR266.07-5.34V OR266.07-7V OR266.29-3.53V OR278.77-5.34V OR278.77-7V OR278.99-3.53V OR280-5V OR290-5V OR291.47-7V OR291.69-3.53V OR304.16-5.34V OR304.17-7V OR310.5-7V OR329.57-5.34V OR330-4V OR345-3V OR345-5V OR347-5V OR360-5V OR375-6V OR379.3-5.7V OR740-6V
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  • O-ring 
Temp. max.
  • 200 °C
Temp. min.
  • -20 °C
  • FPM 80 Shore 

Product variants

928 Results
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Price / items
1.78  mm
2.57  mm
6.13  mm
1.78  mm
2.9  mm
6.46  mm
2.4  mm
3.3  mm
8.1  mm
1.5  mm
3.5  mm
6.5  mm
2  mm
3.5  mm
7.5  mm
1.78  mm
3.68  mm
7.24  mm
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